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Exotic Flora and Fauna

Categories: Marked For Deletion

With many species being dumped in from the multiverse, it's not just the people who are varied and strange. Plants, animals, and strange other life forms get dropped into Infinitas all the time. Here's a small selection of the documented ones. Players should feel free to add their own ideas here, but be warned that they must be reasonable. No super-power granting radioactive spiders, please.



They appear to be simple, non-aggressive creatures, with 4 legs and the rest of their anatomy hidden under an extremely fluffy coat of fur. People who encounter one should be warned, it secrets a strange oil into it's fur, contact with it can cause a person to grow a coat of fur themselves. This usually wears off and the fur falls out after 24-72 hours. Some people extract and treat this oil as a cure for male pattern baldness.


Polyester Cotton

This is a genetically modified form of cotton, such that the cotton puffs are instead polyester fibers. This is one of the largest cash crops used by the village of Lepus.

Other life forms