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Full Name: Claws
Nicknames: Kitten
Species: Treekat - See World Info
Gender: Male
Age: Newborn
Arrival Method: Migrant
Player: Seneca

Physical Profile:
- Treekat
  • Height & Weight: 1 foot long,
  • Apparent Age: Cub
  • Character Build: Lanky
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: Nude
  • Voice: Mew
  • Usual Scent: The forest

Full Description
A small quadrepedal kitten with a fairly long tail for his body size and long "fingers" on his paws. His fur pattern has a tawny base color, with black tiger-like stripes over his body. He probably shouldn't be out alone without his mother.

- Weapons
  • - Teeth/Claws
    Natural weapons. He is too young for them to pose much threat to any decently strong opponent.
    Effective Range From Character
    Melee Range
    Normal Power
    Scratch Damage.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Mew. Cannot speak yet.
- Education History
  • Has not been alive long enough to be taught much of anything.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Claws hails from a wild and untamed world with twice Earthen gravity. A small settlement of fox anthros has recently colonized this realm, and his species began giving them a hard time.
His species, the Treekats are an arboreal, sentient, quadrepedal species that resemble a hybrid between a tiger and a cougar. All four of their paws, and their tail, are all prehensile to aid locomotion through the trees and capture of possible prey. They can use tools and language, but are not capable of speaking most human tongues. They have strong teeth and sharp claws, and their normal hunting tactic is to stalk a possible prey species from the trees, then drop down on them, burying claws into their flesh and biting into their necks for a quick kill.

Character Background:
Not much to see here.
Claws was born, nursed, and weaned by his mother, and then somewhat promptly taken away by a migrant event.

Extra Information
- Mun Quips
You might be wondering why this character is so young.
If I had him raised to adulthood in his native world, he would be wary, aggressive, and/or hostile to humans and other bipedal beings.
This is not a fun state to play.
So I'm bringing him here as a kitten to be raised by a given PC, and therefore be friendly and sociable to the characters found here - and be fun to play!
- Growth Chart
His species' growth rate is going to be similar to that of Sato's. Therefore I'm going to use his growth chart as a reference.

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Aug 1, 2017 4:58 PM
Re: Claws
Approved, with the standard boilerplate warning
Aug 1, 2017 2:58 AM
Re: Claws
Approved with cavet of him being so young and unable to talk will 99% likely result in him being given a different name ICly. Though this won't have to be reflected on the CS.
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