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Full Name: Dat Dem
Species: Desert Kobold
Gender: Female
Age: 13 - Young by human standards, but kobolds mature a faster than humans, given that it's rare when kobolds live to see old age anyways, given their mortality rate. So, she's around 22 in comparative maturity.
Player: Telia

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 1'11" and 28 pounds
  • Apparent Age: Late teens
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Leather Armor
  • Voice: Higher-pitched, slightly rough, grating

Full Description
Ripped straight out of the D&D world is a kobold! No, no little round-nosed floppy-eared critter, this thing was yappy, little, and reptilian through and through, with enough touches of dragon to ensure her bloodline. With bronze scales of desert bretheren, and being about as tall as about mid-thigh on most other humanoids, instead of the normal bloodthirsty and wild look of her kind, she has a very cheerful and borderline oblivious expression and demeanor about her. And, of course, she's an adventurer. Never a great mix. Her weapons of choice are a pair of daggers sheathed at each side, with her primary hand also holstered a little slingshot that looks almost comical. Her protection is a set of leather armor, form-fitting to her shape. Leathers don't cover her digigrade feet save for a few straps past her ankle. Save for her hips, she has a very slight build, great for wiggling into the tiniest of gaps of security. That said, how she's able to wedge into such gaps with hips for days is something she'll only assure she can do and remind that you don't need to ask how. The kobold feeds herself well, giving to have filled the supple leathers properly around the midsection and past the waist area. Less so up top, but... it's something. Her muzzle is long and pointed, often smiling, when she's not yapping along in cheerful kobold song or communicating in short, mostly-broken common-er, english. Without a hair on her head, instead she's gone the way of the velociraptor with head adornments and instead as a frill of very maintained, green feathers curling back down around her earfins. Breaking through, she has two somewhat short horns, with one of them having a simple, small gold band around its tip. With big, olive eyes slit with a crease of reptilian black pupils, she seems eager to take on the world... whatever that may bring.

- Weapons
  • - Leather Adventuring Armor
    Dat wears some dark, form-fitting leather armor to keep herself covered. It looks pretty tough, but not enough to stop much but grazing blows.
  • - Twin Kobold-sized Daggers
    These daggers are more like kitchen knives when held in human hands, but perfect for little kobold hands. The edges are yet remarkably sharp, and sheathed in small, leather scabbards.
  • - Slingshot
    A small, handmade (but well-made) polished wood slingshot with a rubber cord and leather cup, with metal caps at all three ends. Still looks like it could kill rabbits and squirrels.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Broken common (English)
  • altered Draconic (YipYak - kobold language)
- Vocational History
  • - Varied
    Dat can do math, in order to keep track of shinies, and chickenscratch to keep some semblance of record. She's also extremely nimble. If anything really notable, she seems to be a sort of people-person! And being a kobold, she knows a decent deal of mining, foraging, and hunting. She knows quite a bit about tinkering and trapmaking as well.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Medical Training
    Basic bandaging and natural medicine
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Dat has done battle with things many times larger than she is, and shows little fear as a result. Mostly because she's adept in getting out of the way of harm that might come her way.
  • - Weapon Training
    Focus in twin dagger combat, proficiency with slingshots

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Dat's from a world with mythical beasts, high magic, and arcane constructs, with most technology only bordering on electricity, mostly working with steam or magical power. Where adventuring is in high demand, occasional wars breaking out, and wealths of treasure to be had. It's a pretty good deal if one ignores the massive amounts of hazards in a world like that.

Character Background:
Dat doesn't have much to fill out in eight years of her life. Few years of being a youngling with mom, pop, and her many siblings and relatives in their den, though they all shared the same last name, as well as being a smaller population than most. Her life was enriched with playing tricks on them, and listening to stories of high adventure, shinies, and dragons from the elder. She showed particular skill in spotting and collecting things that took her fancy while foraging or mining, even if it belonged to others in her family... as well as going missing from time to time, only to pop up when they least expect it! The only time she announced her disappearance was at her coming of age at 7, and going out adventuring, where her life was filled with thrills, annoyances, and all the stories the elder told her about... only this time it was something she could see and feel. She didn't have much a name for herself, or the crews she ran with, but she ended up tagging along with a larger warforged that's way more intimidating, which is perfect for her, and has since been helping each other, with her kobold tinkering skill to keep things running smoothly, and he does the things that the size limits her from doing easily.

Infinitas Related
Character Relations:
  • Brisby - A warforged from her old world! She's small, he's big. She's good with tinkering, he's good with looking intimidating. They make a pretty good duo. He's gotten her out of a few tight spots, and she helps with things that need actual dexterity! Plus, he's fun as hell to climb on.

Extra Information

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