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Full Name: Damon Wheaton
Species: Kizlu
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Player: Paula

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 5'10" 160lbs
  • Apparent Age: 25
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: 1920s male clothing
  • Voice: Average Male, tenor
  • Usual Scent: Wolfish

Full Description
Bipedal wolf with red fur on the back, shoulders and head, and cream fur on the torso, arms, legs and snout. Golden eyes.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
- Vocational History
  • Fisherman
- Education History
  • General education diploma at age 18. Has not been to school since.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Fishing
    Has an extensive knowledge of hobby and commercial fishing, using fishing rods and wide nets.
  • - Boat mechanics
    Knows how to maintain and fix technical issues with small fishing boats.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - School Brawls
    Experience doesn't go beyond school brawls

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Normal Earth

Character Background:
Damon is a Canadian man, who lived just south of Halifax, Nova Scotia during the 1920s. His occupation was fisherman, primarily going for salmon, cod and trout, helping provide sea food for Atlantic Canada, at a time the fishing industry was doing alright.

Being born and raised in Nova Scotia, Damon was around water all his life. His father passed on the love for fish to him, and would take Damon out to sea on weekends, when there was no work, and the two could bond. This would keep going until Damon became a teenager and strived to do his own thing, to the disappointment of his father. In school, Damon was an above average student, but didn't have aspirations to do anything else other than fish for his family once he graduated school.

Damon was also a very skilled swimmer. There wasn't one week during the summer where he wouldn't go to the beach and swim. He loved the water very much, and couldn't imagine himself living away from it. He would attempt to catch fish by hand, but would be unsuccessful, with few exceptions. The coast was his home.

He had a loyal group of friends that followed him through his high school years, until they went their separate ways. Damon was also a fan of pranks and pulled off his own tricks on unsuspecting students with his friends, with limited success. He was caught and suspended dozens of times and disciplined by his family. Continuous failure made him step away from pranking and focus on education.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Damon. As Damon kept working for the family fishery, his father began to dislike some of his practices at work, such as how he positions himself with the boat, or operating the crane handling the nets, and how he guts the fish. But Damon mostly ignored his dad's complaints, knowing his ways work and he had no intention of changing his routine.

Damon also coped with the pressure of taking over the family fishery someday, as his father was approaching the mid 50s, and was not doing well health-wise, but he insisted on keeping an eye on Damon, despite how mature his son handled the fishery, and doing just fine.

After a heavy dispute with his father, he took his boat out to see to clear his head, until he found a breach into another dimension and fell into it, forever vanishing from his home realm.

In the new hub world, he had to restart his life and encounter supernatural beings and aura, and some of it changed his appearance and even cursed him. But he also found solace and found friends in an alien dragon and another human from a different timeline. The three became friends and grew closer together, all the while crazy events still happening in the world. Then disaster struck and Damon was cursed with an unforgivable werewolf curse that got him killed by his infectant, the alpha.

The native creatures of the hub world helped him and gave him a new body in the form of a wolf, but in return he had to fulfill assignments for them, which he did as best as he could. He struggled under new circumstances, but eventually reached his goals and was able to live amongst the citizens again, including his best friends. He also grew closer to Dana, and eventually confessed his love for her. But Damon was still bound to a lord of the land’s native civilization and Dana could only try and free him under special circumstances arranged with his friends.

After Damon was freed, he accompanied Dana to her world, so she can go through surgery to get her flesh limbs back. But things didn’t go as planned and Dana suffered for it. Heartbroken, Damon made a sacrifice and left his friends and the hub world behind to take care of his girlfriend.

Several weeks later, when him and Dana were out a red breach formed under them, sucking them to Infinitas, a world outside the multiverse itself. The red breach mutated them into young wolf pups. Dana's new body was at least not crippled. She and Damon started growing rapidly, gaining the ability to talk. And then on full moons they started changing, to be more human like. A reverse werewolf. After several moons, they learned to take control of it and can shift at will, though they are forced to wolf on the new moon.

A massive yellow breach hovering over them sucked them through yet another trip to another multiverse.

Infinitas Related
Character Relations:

Extra Information
- Species Information - Kizlue
The Kizlu are a race created by the wolf goddes Kalieta. They are natural shifters, between a wolf form and an alternate form, usually human. Kalieta made them as she cannot leave her realm. They take on the form of wolves as Kalieta was one herself before her rise to godhood. They take on human form to interact easily with human societies for Kalieta. Kizlu can power their shifting thorough Kalieta's energy or through lunar energy if they are away from her for too long.

Lunar Energy is affected by the moon phase. A new moon is impure, and cannot be used for shifting. A full moon is superpure, forcing changes.

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