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Full Name: Granite Greywacke
Species: Basilisk
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Age: 34, Birthday: Nov, 16
Player: Telia

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 5'8", 237 lbs
  • Apparent Age: 35-45
  • Body Type: Other
  • Usual Clothing: Trenchcoat, always with gaudy bottle-opening beltbuckle
  • Voice: Deep, yet feminine
  • Usual Scent: Alcohol, unwashed basilisk, cologne coverup, peanuts

Full Description
A reptilian, bronze-scaled... thing. With the amount of jagged spikiness to its scaled figure, it can be argued to be an unpleasant sight. Appraising its gender is somewhat difficult given the clothes it wears, but looking at the obvious weighty volume to both chest and pants, it might be both. The trenchcoat does its best to hide a lot at first glance, but a good, long look would reveal much. Two arms come out of the normal sleeves, but under the arms are two torn-open flaps.. that allow two more arms to be present and coordinate with the two above. And below, the trenchcoat has no more holes, but there's still bulges too high on the figure to be feminine hips... it being another set of arms. Is this thing part spider? A ninth limb comes from under a slit down the lower back of the trenchcoat, a tail covered in the same rough, rocky bronze scales as the rest of it, with sharp, lighter-colored spines that flare out at the tip, and gradually build back up to a forest up the base of the tail, up its back, impaling the back of the trenchcoat and black shirt countless times with multisized, jagged spikes that lead up into sort of a 'hair' for this creature. If it weren't for those, it'd definitely seem bald. Its face is equally rough, the lips spiked with slight visibility of quite off-white pointed tooth-tips, lightly elongated muzzle with pointy bits around the snouttip and nostrils, and the cheeks as well, before leading up to the only truly smooth section on it: thick membranes at each side of the head serve for its hearing. Below rather jagged eyeridges, eyes are concealed by mirrored shades reflecting your own image back, held up by the broad muzzle and a thicker spine at each side of the head. Generally, the creature is overweight, sporting a thicker covering over arms, wider hips and thighs, and a definite beer belly.

- Items
  • - Heavily Insulated Trenchcoat
    Basically, there's a lot of inside pockets to this. It keeps the booze cold as if it were in a cooler with ice, while keeping Granite hirself warm.
  • - Gaudy Beltbuckle
    A 12k Gold Belt Buckle... with a built-in bottle-opener
- Weapons

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English - Native
- Vocational History
  • Flair Bartender
  • Professional Brewmaster
- Education History
  • Standard Highschool Education
  • Basic magical knowledge of Fungal arts (for the purposes of beer-making, since it's all about fermenting)
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Barroom Brawling
    • Bottle-Fu: A bottle in any of Granite's hands is a weapon, broken or not, melee or missile.
    • Improvisation: Having six arms means thrice the lifting/swinging power. Anything within said range will be used, even if it's living.
    • Grapplefist: In a straight, normal-person-to-basilisk encounter, getting grabbed by Granite is a bad time. Six arms means she can lock down a standard anthro and still have a couple limbs to spare for a beatdown. Stronger or larger anthros still would be a problem, though.
    • Blind-fighting: There were a few times in which Granite's shades were knocked off. She's become a bit proficient in landing blows with her eyes closed as a result, but she's no blind samurai, and her accuracy goes to shit with any guns.
    • Shooting: As far as this goes, this is a last resort to save her life or break up a deadlier brawl. She'll likely miss.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
March- Magical Plane 30 years post-White Event. See Telia's World information/Character History for more details

Character Background:
Well, what's to say about Granite? She's a basilisk, of both genders. That's how she was born, and it wasn't easy fitting in -at all- for her because of it. Sure, sih was in the magical plane, where a larger variety of people are more generally accepted, but being a basilisk has its own line of difficulties - never being able to look people in the eye, having three times the BO as any other person, and having the 'hedgehog's dilemma', especially as far as her back goes, and being stuck in the arcane city ever since the White Event... When she was old enough, all that sorta drove her to the substance abuse she's known for today. In the bars... well, she found that those sorta people generally didn't care very much how she looked, acted, smelled, or whatever. So, that's where she worked for a while. Mostly, she was quiet, and she made plenty of tips with the fancy barplay showmanship with her six arms. While her parents definitely didn't approve, they knew that they were there themselves once. Though, Granite never grew out of drinking... eventually, she would have her own local brewery that would bring back beer in the magical realm. There were so many other kinds of alcohol there that beer took a backseat there... very little competition. So when her brew hit the scene, she made quite a bit of money, really fast. She was juust really getting into a niche in her new status when she smelled something other than alcohol, cigarette smoke, and herself about her, and everything looked a little blue... maybe she had too much to drink tonight?

Extra Information

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