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Full Name: Telia Rhinehart
Species: Red Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 58
Player: Telia

Physical Profile:
- Red Dragoness
  • Height & Weight: 10' 1256 pounds
  • Apparent Age: Mide-Twenties
  • Character Build: Curvy
  • Body Type: Winged Biped
  • Usual Clothing: Nude or casual denim (much heavier in winter)
  • Voice: Smooth, slightly deep, but harsh vocabulary
  • Usual Scent: Cinnamon and Strawberry, smoke
  • Picture:

Full Description
If there was a first impression upon to have upon facing Telia, it would be 'imposing'. But then again, what sort of dragon of size and strength wouldn't? Granted, sometimes the way she carries herself implies she wouldn't be as intimidating if she was more a normal size, but the fact was that she stood ten feet tall and was large and strong in way more ways than just that. She didn't look like she bent steel girders for casual amusement, but it was probably debatable if one could stand against her if it absolutely upset her and was in her way. How she would be able to leverage enough force to bend one without her chest getting in the way was also up for debate.
Strength came in gaze, build, and color, with Telia's draconic heritage coming from the chromatic variety. She has a dense hide of smooth crimson scales that looks very well cared for, despite the occasional pockmark of scarring between some of the hard plates that would tell that she's come under fire on several instances, though with the way she's polished, it gave her a better feel for something being flesh, blood, bone - alive than a hardy, solid tank. The scales were smooth in a lot of places to give the appearance of skin at a distance, but closer examination would show that they were larger in certain, broader places like shoulders, hips, pretty much the entirety of her back, and smaller in places like her face and hands, allowing for fine tactile dexterity and emotional expression. The only exception to this strength and hue of dragonhide was her belly, being clad in even denser dark blue plates. Woe be to anyone trying to bodily hurt her there. Granted, if the layer of natural armor wasn't enough of a deterrent for warding off attacks, the natural intimidation of her build might. She works out, and eats well. 'Thick' doesn't adequately describe her figure. Sure, she might look chubby in the usual places, but things like her shoulders, neck, calves, and back look built with rippling muscle. Bending girders might be beyond her, but she might be able to go as far as chucking one a good distance.
Her strength is only part of who she is, though. Intimidating is something she just does naturally, and even better if she tries, but odds are, she's not. She has a very lax atmosphere about her, a personality that likes to indulge herself and others, and an overall cheery demeanor that helps break the ice to those around her. She has round cheeks and emerald, reptilian-slitted eyes, though she tends to not show teeth with her grinning unless overly excited or making a point, because that would show all the sharp, dangerous-looking points of her dagger-tipped ivory teeth. Aiding in both expression and hearing are earfins, being somewhat cattish in their tilts and flexes, the membranes able to fan out and catch fine sounds, or, alternatively clamp tight and shut them out if she needs some impromptu earplugs. A long, slightly wedge-shaped snout, dark and curving S-shaped horns, and expressive eyeridges complete her draconic appearance, though what might not be so draconic is the mane of copper-brown hair laid wavy down to about below her shoulderblades, with a few stray locks tending to get in her face.
Other dragonlike features are pretty obvious, with wings higher than her head, down long legs to the tips of her clawed toes. Similarly near-black blue like her horns are each of her claws, and range from 'slightly more than nails' at the end of each finger, to 'clawed hooks' capping each digit flexible pink membrane of her wings, to 'deathly thick talons' at the ends of the three large toes of her equally-large feet, despite how unfeminine it might be. Just can't beat the draconic genes there, quite stompy, with thick leathery, dragonscale soles on the bottom to allow her mostly barefoot walking, landing, or pulverizing smaller shards of glass underneath, and being longer than her muzzle from heel to talontip. Her hands were much more proportionate to an anthropomorphic figure, though clearly having been used to work from the thickness of the digits, and used to punching from the slight flatness of knuckles. Her wingspan seems to be used to lifting not only her at some pretty significant speeds, and she keeps them folded rather neatly to lower her profile, tending to flutter them lightly to wrangle the webbing against her back if not or upon landing. Lastly, as all reptilian creatures have, a lengthy tail extends from above her rear, and is only slightly less thick than either of the thighs that are each as thick as a person is around. It tapers down to a fine point, and the scales there are slightly more radiantly polished than the rest of her scales.
Lastly, there's the things that make her a woman to describe. Things like her chest, which is obvious even from far away. If the wings didn't make her top-heavy enough, her chest almost certainly does. Between them and her wings, she struggles sometimes with smaller doorways. 'Beachballs' aren't necessarily as large as one thinks compared to a dragoness that's ten feet tall, but still covers quite a bit of her middle to hide those blue bellyplates. At least her curvature is balanced by a booty to match, supported by broad hips and powerful thighs, making her a whole 'lotta dragoness. Her cheery expression is rarely reserved, and she's all too happy or amused to shake and show off what she's got.
- Sea Dragoness
  • Height & Weight: 10' 1256 pounds
  • Apparent Age: Mide-Twenties
  • Character Build: Curvy
  • Body Type: Winged Biped
  • Usual Clothing: Nude or Casual
  • Voice: Smooth, slightly deep, but harsh vocabulary
  • Usual Scent: Water, sand, melon, strawberry

Full Description
Telia has a moderately different appearance during certain situations, but is only slightly less imposing due to a loss of wingspan, and possibly the fact she's the opposite of her usual hot coloration. She's still, however, ten feet tall and more than half a ton of bulk to throw around, and that's still imposing enough. Still being a chromatic, she's shifted from crimson to turquoise, and less suited for above sea-level travel and significantly better-suited for below.
To begin with any changes in her build, the subtle muscle that was mostly hidden by a layer of indulgence and womanly figure is entirely obscured in this shape, seeming like a significant amount of protection of her scales and mass of her wings are instead accommodated for 'insulation' about her figure. This ensures she has a quite a wobble to her step when she's on the surface. While this sort of figure might seem unhealthy on a lesser being, the sea dragoness wears it very much like an orca or shark would on its frame, her figure held in form by significantly thick and protective cool-colored scales. That said, there are certain complications that arise. Her bust, already significant before, touches the top of her thick thighs when seated now, and her bottom half is equally compensated to match. Most muscle is hidden unless positively exerting herself to her limit... it's to be certain she's just as strong as she was before, despite slightly more sluggish movements.
That said, she's somehow more likely to catch someone nearby in this form, rather than the quicker, more aerodynamic red body she usually sports. That's because of things she's missing on her back haven't gone without replacement. Instead of broad wings, she has instead, what sorta looks like arms of the bastard child of a giant squid and octopus and stuck them on her back. Two behind each shoulderblade, she keeps them mostly to herself, but the strong muscle and thick purple suckers look like they'd be great for manipulating things underwater, almost better than her normal arms... or grabbing things on the surface until she's satisfied with whatever fate she might deal them. Her tail also gets some note at this point, being significantly thicker vertically, with a fanning tailfin that looks like it works side to side, similar to a shark's. Trailing the red lines up her tail across her sides and up to her snout, one might see other sharkish features. Specifically, teeth if she's smiling a little too enthusiastically for comfort. As if they couldn't get more terrifying, there's some serration and an extra row to the seadragon's teeth now. There's no way a predatory figure like that can subsist on kelp and seaweed! Even with the changes, her eyes, face, and general muzzle shape still identify as her, with high, round cheeks, emerald reptilian eyes, and a long, pointed snout.
Besides that, there's few details that are really too different from what she normally has. Her hair is slightly greyish, or silver, depending on the light, but still that usual long curly cut, though this time her hairstyle isn't split by a pair of S-shaped horns, but instead a frill that adds a foot to her height and trails all the way down to her tailbase. Fins also are added a bit to her earfins, seeming like they were stretched at the tip slightly, but otherwise the same. Her hands and feet are perhaps a hair larger to give just a little more surface area for the webbing between each digit to catch a bit more water, each capped with shale-colored claws. That said, all the webbing, that was usually a fleshy pink for her wings and earfins in her usual form, are a pale purple in this form, as well as anyplace else that'd be similarly colored... anyplace in the gutter... or for those that aren't, her lips and inside of her mouth are purple too.
Ability Differences
- Fire Affinity -> Aqua Affinity
Telia's physiology is completely different in this leviathan form. Being suited for deep-sea existence, she can go deeper than light can, and can handle the pressure and the cold, with her usual vulnerability and blood problem handled. This means that winter existence is much more comfortable for her, though higher altitudes and drying out in arid environments are a concern. The red line along her figure from tail to snout and along each limb feels both vibrations in the water and magnetic pull, letting her know which way is up, and which way is north, even when there are no obvious ways to tell, but only while she's in the water. Her predatory abilities are much like a human's on the surface - either wearing down prey by persistence and tracking blood scents in the water like a shark, or with sudden attacks of opportunity to put on a quick burst of speed. She's incapable of an extended 'sprint' underwater, though typically can swim significantly faster than she would be in her red dragoness form.

- Items
  • - 'Sweet Hoverbike, yo!'
    A piece of lost tech native to Infinitas. While it has combat functionality, she just likes to cruise on it. It's known to transform between different modes... not like a transformer, but it can switch between the high-power speed (crotch rocket) shown in the image configuration to something more conservative like a cruiser. Plus, she likes to ride more upright anyways. It's known to have an 'impulse' thrust to allow her to jump to high speeds from a stationary position.
  • - Longfall Boots
    Telia's obtained a pair of boots that can allow her to withstand falls from terminal velocity, given she lands on her feet. It also has the handy feature of being able to withstand her sharp claws from puncturing through. The only downside? They're heels.
  • - Coral Anklet
    Telia can be seen wearing a coral-patterned jewelled anklet at pretty much any time... mostly for the fact that it looks somewhat snug, and impossible to get off past her big foot. This is how she triggers her change into her 'Sea Dragoness' form. How it works is basically 'saving' the state of her current shape to the anklet while applying whatever form was previously stored in the anklet. This means the changes are relatively quick, but can't take too many repeated uses before depleting its charge. It can be used once for every 48 hours it sits in an average environment (less for magic-rich environments, and vice-versa). However, things that stress the body are not allowed to be changed, so wounds and magical effects can't be ducked away from by using the anklet. The form is still saved with the wounds, however, and essentially has to heal herself twice over to heal both bodies.
- Weapons
  • - Keiruli
    Something kept slung in an oversized holster at all times upon her back, no matter what she wears, is a blade. Deep red, a fiery color to match Telia's scales, its size scaled up to the dragoness's to be a seven foot long weapon. The blade gleams radiantly, without a chip to be heard of, down to a wide, black, and pointed hilt, inlaid with a pair of sapphires, or what looks like them, one on each side. A brown leather wrapping is all that's to see about the handle, before it terminates into another wide, and pointed black pommel.
  • - 600 Nitro Express Custom Pfeifer-Zeliska revolver– 'The hand of Death'
    She calls it this because it has five rounds in its cylinder, and each are as long, and as thick, as a man's finger, and anything living shot by it tends to not be much longer for this world if at all alive after the first round. It has a stainless finish with a walnut grip sized to fit her hand, with a black lacquer skull designed into the wood. It's a single-action revolver.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Native English
  • Fluent: Dragonic
- Vocational History
  • - Foodservice
    Baker , Pizza Chef
  • - Art
    Fine Artist , Digital Artist , 3D Designer/Animator
  • - Military
  • - Craft
    Metalsmith, Runecrafter
- Education History
  • Self-Taught GED
  • Bachelor's Degree: 3D Design and Animation
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Medical Training
    Basic First Aid and Nanogel application
    CPR Certification: Adult and Child
    AED Usage
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Experience
    Telia's no stranger to combat, and while she's had some brawls and gunfights in her past, the kind of battles she's faced since she's been back has helped hone in her deadly skills.
  • - Weapon Training
    • Exotic Greatsword, "Keiruli" Telia has had this particular weapon nearly as long as she can remember. She knows its intricacies, weight, sharpness, and feel just as well as she knows the color of her hide. She can handle it just as well as an extension of herself. It is -always- seen on or around her.
    • Swords She's been smith, and she likes blades. Her additional usage of Keiruli makes her knowledge of swords and blades rather extensive. She'll handle other swords nowhere near as effectively as she would Keiruli, but she'd definitely be very challenging to cross swords with.
    • Knives More blades, but these are wielded differently, more of a butcher or cook using her implements of cuisine for death instead.
    • Throwing Knives A fun hobby of throwing sharps into solid objects. She can hit a standing target as if it were a dartboard.
    • Staves There's a fine line between a staff and a club for her. Good with both, the only difference is that if the stick's big enough to reach someone's feet, she'll aim to trip someone up... or she'll use it as a walking stick.
    • Shields There's been a bit of dabbling in shieldplay. On one hand, she's used riot protection shields to deflect incoming fire. On the other, she's played with old-age shields and rather delights in the concept of being able to both block and bash someone's face flat with a wide slab of steel.
    • Semi-automatic Pistols Telia knows how to load, aim, fire a pistol, and can only sometimes fix it if there's a problem with the weapon. However, with most being too small for her large hands, she'll prefer to use something else. She hasn't used these in long enough of a time that she'd struggle to use them now.
    • Revolvers She's better with revolvers than any other firearm, and has gotten good at placing her shots. She knows the weight of her own, and how to aim it really well. Generally she'd like to show off 'western' trick shot shows, and has managed to pull off a few in the heat of battle. She can fan off all five shots if she needs to unload a whole lot of lead quickly, but she might miss one or two if she's aiming at multiple targets.
    • Rifles Being in the MAF has given her plenty of time to practice with rifles that fire bullets, and prefers to use LMGs with a modified trigger and grip to fit her arm, having the physical strength to carry and fire them like an assault rifle. She can pepper targets mid-flight against other air targets, or rain death from above, but she's no sharpshooter.
    • Energy Rifles She has had training with energy rifles during wartime on her homeland, and is one of the few on the island with personal access to energy weapons. She knows how to load, charge, aim, fix, and fire a few models. While she would rather just rely on it automatic firing to suppress and rush in rather than using it properly, she's learned that that's not always an option, and can place shots at a distance with great accuracy given she doesn't have to contend with the recoil on an LMG that fires bullets instead..

Paranormal Abilities

- Ability List (6 abilities)
  • - Subspace Usage
    • Description: Telia has a limited knowledge of item storage through subspace compression. Mostly for convenience or comical use, she can store a number of items in a subspace pocket.
    • Limitation: Only she may retrieve items from the subspace pocket. Only accessible by hand. Only accessible between her breasts. If too big an item is attempted to be stored, the space disrupts, and all of its items are destroyed.
    • System Reference: Works like a DnD bag of holding, only linked to a person rather than an item.
  • - 'The Power Fist'
    • Description: Telia cannot do magic in the normal sense of 'Cast Magic Missile', expend mana, shoot lazors. However, she is not without total paranormal ability. She could only learn one thing, and that is to concentrate power in her hands. This is not mana. Through the way she was taught, she can collect the strength of her soul, and unleash it. Being her only way to use magic, she's gotten good at it, and can launch an earth shattering punch that has explosive strength on impact, but further it launches a pulse of energy that speeds along at the speed she swung her punch, creating a slightly weaker effect the next item it contacts. Her fist is said to shine sky blue between the scales, and the pulse is seen to be the same color.
    • Limitations: Collecting energy for the soul to use is extremely taxing on the body. Where she gets the energy from within is her actual bodymass. She'll burn through fat to power soul. If she doesn't have enough, she'll burn through muscle next. Either way, a few moments after the execution of the move, she'll feel as if she had done enough exercise to burn off all that mass all at once.
    • System Reference: Some aspects are taken from DnD's Magic of Incarnum
  • - 'Runecrafting'
    • Description: Simply, it's her way of magic item creation. She takes time and patience to calculate and etch channels and magical flows over and through an item to produce the desired effect.
    • Limitations: She's bad at it. The best thing she can do is temporarily enchant an item with a weak effect before it the channels break down and the item becomes mundane again. She primarily uses it for playful items as practice.
  • - Fire Affinity
    • Description: Being a red dragoness, she has a resistance to fire. Not only a resistance, but she can produce it with her respiratory system, causing smoke and flame to occasionally be produced from her nose and mouth. Not only can she resist heat, but she can absorb it, and her looks will change from her
      standard crimson-scaled look to a being of lava and fire, until she dissipates the heat from her body.
    • Limitations: In contrast, she cannot stand the cold. Winter causes her to bundle up, overeat, and stay inside the most. She simply doesn't even freeze from the cold, either. An extreme case of the disease PCH, her blood becomes clogged with auto antibodies, effectively turning her blood to sludge, which is to say the least extremely painful. It causes darkening of the extremeties, an overal paling of her hide, before an end result of suffocation and then freezing from overexposure to cold. Sudden flashes of cold will stagger, stun, knock out, or put her in shock, depending on intensity and/or duration.
    • System Reference: DnD Red dragons FTW!
  • - Tail-Shifting
    • Description: Due to a quirk of her genes, she can shapeshift only one part of herself at will, to a degree. Her tail can transform into varying shapes and split into multiple appendages to an extent.
    • Limitations: She can only shift her tail, and she cannot split it into more than nine different appendages at once.
  • - Nanomachine Cocktails and Technology Assistance
    Telia has had a number of nanomachine cocktails that was injected prior to her trip through the migrant, which have been augmented with a few things she's had made or been given afterwards. For the most part, these all maintain themselves and are unable to be overloaded (anything that does would likely be killing her anyways.) These include:
    • Indentification Nanos: These carry details about her personal info. Name, Birthdate, Gender, Species - generally anything that can be found on a driver's license, passport, etc. These have been augmented with a function from LORE that allows her to mimick any identification key that only takes an electronic communications component.
    • Communicasions Nanos: These allow her to use and listen to radio without a device, hands free. These also can record anything she hears or says.
    • Interaction Nanos: These allow her to interact with certain devices through physical contact. The greatest extent this can be taken is dropping her into an Virtual Reality state through certain pieces of technology.
    • Nano-contacts: These allow her to record whatever she sees, as well as allow her to see through infrared and thermal spectrums, and help her aim in firefights. These were imparted to her by Flynn, after the battle of Arcford in the second Infinitas war.


World Information:
Telia is from a Terran archipelago-covered planet called March, of the dual-starred Berenices system. March has very similar climate of earth, but slightly weaker gravity. The societies' governments lean slightly more towards socialism than democracy than they do on Earth, but she believes more in democracy.

Character Background:
- Part One
So, if one really wants to look into the beginning, Telia started her life standing precisely ten foot tall, but not nearly as proportioned as she is now. The first thing she remembers seeing is lots of gold water, bubbles, and a distorted view of the world on the other side of the glass. The first person she remembered seeing was a kitsune in a white coat, whose name she had a hard time with, so she just called him 'Mr. H.' To this day she doesn't remember his full name. Every day she learned, every day she grew stronger, and every day she was tested. Slowly, though, the tests grew disturbing, dark, and progressively more stressful, painful. She wished she had a key to the door, to leave, to escape. One day, she realized her tail granted her exactly that, seeing the tip of it twitch, blur, and shift. Once the door was open, she remembered the silvery halls glowing red and tinted dark. How she blended in great with that color. Even though it was red-on-red, one room she passed caught her eye. No, it was more like a small vault, with a window. A sword lay on a rack. She entered the vault, and approached. She heard Mr. H's voice behind her, as her hand descended on the hilt.
Touching the handle of the sword was the last moment she remembered being within the facility walls, and the last time she saw Mr. H. She woke up in a deep canyon, the sword stuck in the ground in front of her. Since then, she's kept the weapon in her possession. For some reason, it made her feel calm. Feel hope when she felt depressed. Feel humble when she felt accomplished after climbing out of the deep canyon, not knowing how to fly this early in her waking life. It almost taught her the way to live an honest life. Eventually, she made her way to a city, over land and sea, and learned even more. She's constantly learning, and enjoys learning. Enjoys helping others. She lifted I-beams for construction workers when their crane had malfunctioned. She painted over walls defaced with graffiti. Cared for animals and brought them to shelters. It wasn't long before she learned the way the modern society works and what hurdles to jump to become a citizen in it, before her skills really began to flourish.
From helping people in need and performing in the streets, to opening her successful bakery, to pave the way for college, the fine arts, digital arts, learning to love technology, to use it to better herself. She did all those things in her life, and lived long. Had a home, where she practiced bettering her strength, practiced bettering her skill with her beloved sword, and a few others. And gathered -almost- enough wealth to nearly satisfy her love for it... -almost-. One day, this love made her a target on a dark night. A dark night she didn't remember after being surrounded, and she heard an ear-ringing 'BLAM' behind her. However, she didn't wake up robbed, or violated. She woke up with ripped clothes, but a full wallet. Why? And why were these aged beings all staring at her from above?
A society within a society. Out of view of the public, almost something dark, and sinister. But evil isn't what she saw when she stepped along the avenue mirrored of the world above, with the golden sky. Where stars fell in daylight and danced in the twilight. Something she wished she had known earlier. An organization of spirits and mystery. It's here she learned that magic really existed. Up until now in her life, she thought it was dead... almost... the only thing that kept her thinking was her tail, and her sword. Later she finds that of this society, even though it's rare, few people leave the view of the overwatch's scrying eyes. Her father, and mother, were two. She learned this, but was never told who they were, or why she woke up without them as an adult. She did, however, find out that it was a good thing that she kept her red blade throughout her life, though was never told why, only learning the weapon's name: Keiruli. But this aside, she spent quite a bit of her life after that flipping between this world and the ignorant one above, keeping her life together and financial frivolities in line while learning of the mystic and arcane below. She studied, learned the language of her people, and attempted to learn magic as well.
However, she could not perform like most others. She had been wired differently, almost. 'Mana' was a concept she could not entirely grasp or utilize. This still did not stop her from trying. She spent years trying to cause something paranormal. Out of frustration, one night, her temper flared slightly, and she punched the wall in frustration. She wasn't surprised her strength sent her fist through it. She was, however, surprised that the opposite wall of the next room had also been smashed in the process. This was the only thing she was ever able to do, so she practiced. She had to 'feel' the magic come from deep within.. but the use of it came at a price. She got a lot of comments about 'losing weight' and 'exercise' in the ignorant world above. Somewhere throughout her studies, she began to experiment with other people, magical friends below. This was a little tougher to explain, after one night with too much magical substances of influence, when she suddenly was on the surface with rather... obnoxious, and sudden endowments, and why she had a tendency to store things between them.
She also did pursue the art of the magical trinket. Starting with the basics of creation of the mundane item, which she found a natural skill for her given her tolerance for heat and impressive strength, she continued to study to imbue said objects with magical properties, but again she could not replicate the procedure most used, and was the safest. An old method of carving runes into an item to channel energies was learned there, called Runecrafting, and she found it to her liking. She enjoyed the amount of planning and calculation it took to enchant an item properly... almost like a puzzle. With the amount of calculation that went into it, she could never do more than make simple and temporary trinkets, but it was a fun hobby nonetheless. Her studies grew more and more intense each day, and it was entirely her choice, but it made her tired. When practicing with her priceless red sword, she overswung, and fell flat on her back. Exhausted. She stared at the ceiling for hours, tired, aching. She got another feeling... “... I need a vacation.”
- The White Event and beyond
Whether it was fate or a premonition with that feeling, it was lucky she was far away on a delightfully warm beach, soaking up sun, when the sky suddenly went totally white, and color drained from everything. On that half of the world, everyone knew why this moment was soon later to be called 'The White Event'. She shielded her eyes and squinted, glancing in the distance to the brightness on the watery horizon... the blinding white light retracting towards her home. An minutes after being blinded, she felt the shockwave of the bombs that exploded miles and miles away. Hours later, she helped those weaker than her get to shelter as the tsunamis and flows bore down on them, from the island the city was on completely sinking into the ocean. It took a week and a half for the storms and the tide to settle, and she can go out, and be in private, to find out her charm to reach the magical realm would not work no longer... she never heard from that planet's magical society again. She was sure there were more besides her that had survived, but she could not search. War was on her world, and she knew she could help.
It took a while for her to find a force willing to take her in. Her hometown's military completely gone along with their land, she eventually found a group of those from the city that were as fortunate as her to be away at the right time. None of them would stand for the destruction of what they owned, what they loved, what they called 'home'. She had trained herself, practiced consistently in the art of archaic weapon use, and mild use of ballistic weaponry... but this was the time of fusion and powered implants and magnetized armor. She had to learn once more, how to shoot a weapon of concentrated energy, how to wear armor that moved with you, rather than simply protecting you... and she did fight, and she fought hard. There were a few times where things were quiet, however, that she craved to continue fighting. People around her called her insane a few times, though never to her face...
The force of of the LF, Liberators of Fate, or what the translation of their gibberish name was, kept up their war of terrorizing the populace for only two and a half years. Simply because the whole world bore down on them after they had sunk the island-bearing city... Telia was not a known hero of the war. She was mentioned, offhandedly as 'The Remnants' along with the rest of her unit, but not by name. She wanted to march in, and strike at their leader. But Telia was merely a mercenary in the war. One faction had a powerful air-force, and she and her men were launched at a base nearby to what was the LF's base of operations... Telia, however, knew she was a hero. The others hired with her fell at her sides. Plasma and energy tore at her armor, but it would not puncture or melt through her hide. She shot. She ran. She slashed. She screamed flame. By morning, she was the only one alive in a ten mile radius. In the evening, there were a thousand planes fueled and ready to launch.
Telia got a new place to live. Picked up the pieces. She had no medals, no mementos but her armor, and her rifle, and her sword fed with the blood of at least a hundred over the years of war. She was a little frightened at what she saw herself doing at her final fight, but she found the sensations familiar. She pushed it away, striding toward a peaceful life again... As years after the war continued to tick on, she found herself, falling into the same rhythm as she did before she discovered the magical realm. She could never find her way back into that place, or find out if it even still existed. The earnings from the war, seeing as she got the most of the payment from the mercenary force, rebuilt a home, a bakery, found a place to forge and practice magic in secret... she continued further, a love for food to fuel her magic causing her to expand to not only baking but making delicious pizza pies as well. Eventually, between the successes she had over the years, she decided she needed to see more of the world to learn further... fifty plus years at it burned the dragoness out a little. She found monotony in things she found enjoyable nowadays.
Idly, she was amused at herself when she was packing for her trip to explore the world. Packing away things in her cleaveage, there were more than a few times that she wouldn't have known a way to explain what she was putting between her obnoxiously-sized breasts. A five-man tent. Her laptop. A solar battery for it. A portable stove and fuel for it. A cooler full of food. A small collection of knives, blades, and a few of her guns. Though she would never, ever put her beloved red sword inside, she slung that on her back. She brought a bag full of simple artistic tools to sketch what she saw along the way. She brought enough gear with her light luggage and secret subspace cleaveage to the point that she would not need to come back for a long, long time. She appointed people to watch her businesses, tied up loose ends, and as quickly as she had entered the society, she left. She travelled. Explored the world. She travelled by land, by sea, by air. Saw the greenest of trees, the deepest of oceans, the ruins of the past, the wonders of the world.
Some part of the universe laughs at her, sees her boredom with the monotony of mundane life, and beckons. She knew she wouldn't come back for years, but nothing could prepare her for what would happen as she was sailing over the ocean... a slight distortion in her focus, an unbalance in the gravity, and a static charge in the air... it was the only warning she
got. This is where the chapter of Telia's life in Infinitas begins.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:

Extra Information
- Telia's Subspace Pocket
Sometimes Telia can be seen putting things into or pulling objects out of the space between her breasts. She has some knowledge on how to store items in a pocket in space, and does so usually with the one there. She knows how to reach into any other one that isn't secured in some way. Over the years she's been here, she's gathered a large number of items, so there's really only four limitations to her subspace pocket, as follows:
  • Life limitations disallow her placing in things that cannot survive in an oxygen-thin environment – she generally doesn't like people trying to climb in otherwise, but anything that somehow finds itself in her subspace pocket has about ten minutes to live before asphyxiation
  • Dimensional limitations of the item are restricted to what can fit in her cleaveage and be obscured.
  • Mass and volume limitations as per a type IV bag of holding (1:25 weight, 1:20 volume), proportionate to the weight of her bust. Shrinking her entire figure also shrinks the mass/volume of the contents of the subspace pocket, but shrinking her bust alone decreases the capacity of the subspace pocket. If volume or mass limits are exceeded, the subspace pocket instantly collapses and reforms, but the contents prior to collapse are lost, spat out amongst the multiverse.
  • Knowledge limitation prevents Telia from having anything she wants that she might own available to her at any time. Given her mass and volume limitations and the ownership of a home, in order to prevent item loss she tends to only take what she needs to a situation, save for a few exceptions that she seems to carry on her at almost all times that revolve mostly around personal defense, personal amusement, and most importantly, snacks.
- IC Information
- Organizations and Allegiances
  • Member of now-defunct SABRE
  • Major in Marsilion Armed Forces
  • Senior Agent in Port Harbringer

- NPC Relationships
  • Ex-Blacksmith's Assistant
  • Ex-Captain of MAF's 2nd Assault Company
  • Marked for Death by rogue Guardians on Mainland
  • Friend to Chieftans of Malibas and Tetepan

- General Rumors
  • The usual 'fake tits' that come with anything that comes through the migrants bigger than DD's
  • She's been involved in some controversy over what happened on the mainland

- Buried Rumors
  • Hasn't been around long enough to have a rumor to bury!

- Assets
  • A hideout in the Badlands she uses to store her less-than-legal arms.
  • A home in Marsilion's rebuilt residential districts, two story, with a basement, but seems larger to account for her height.
  • The Pizzeria/Bakery known as 'The Better Name', getting its name from its opening when she couldn't think of a good name before her shop opened. Will profess that it's the best pizza in town.
- Hidden Background Information
Telia has a second form, basically a meaner, angry, and much stronger version of her normal body. She's totally incapable of triggering this form at will; someone else has to do it for her. She must first be made angry. Very angry. Then she has to be struck -just- hard enough. Not enough to kill her, but not enough for her to simply shrug off. What would kill a normal-sized person. A bullet is usually a fair guess. This form has been triggered by Keiruli in the lab, in the alley before she encountered the magical academy by the gun-wielding muggers, and was lightly tapped in her push for the LF base. The reason why she has this form is related to why she woke up fully grown in a large glass tube. It would also explain why her physical body age is actually 79, even though it's been 58 years since she stepped from the tube. Since her arrival on Infinitas there's only been one instance where something has gotten a small taste of her other half, not even triggering a full change, and they aren't able to tell the tale.

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