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Full Name: Relo
Species: Vilo
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Player: Adreos

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 9'6" (2.82M) Not counting the horns, which due to curves add 3 inches of height. 685 lbs
  • Apparent Age: 29
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Winged Biped
  • Usual Clothing: Prefers leather shorts only
  • Voice: Deep and gruff
  • Usual Scent: Lizardish

Full Description
Bipedal anthropomorphic tan dragon. Brown underside. Snout is about a foot (30.5cm) in front of rest of the face with closable nostrils. Primarily plantigrade stance. Covered in scales. Brown eyes. Body is long in proportion compared to humans with longer arms. Shorter legs too. Deep thick chest. Large pair of wings on his back, connecting down to his legs. Each wing is 16 feet (4.88M) in length, though folds up drastically on his back.

Small rounded black claws on fingertips and toes tips. Feet are plantigrade, he however rests on his toes in quad stance.

Wears leathery black shorts with large cargo pockets.

- Weapons
  • - Natural Weapons
    • Claws - Straight claws protruding 1 inch (2.5cm) from finger and toe tips. Points are filed to rounded.
      Teeth - Long 4 inch (10.2cm) long canine teeth, slight backwards curve.
      Horns - 9~ (22.9cm) long horns with ridges and a backwards curve. Round and unpointed ends.
      Tail - 4'2~ (127cm) thick and muscular tail. Not quite prehensile. Primarily used for support while standing to prop against the weight of his wings.
      Wings - 16 feet (4.88M) in length each. The powerful muscles to move them in flight can make them into effective clubs, especially when folded.
      Roar - Reaches up to 130 decibals
    • Instinct, medical knowledge on anatomy for where to strike, and matrial arts trainings, no practical experience in using the knowledge that way.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
- Vocational History
  • Chiropracter
- Education History
  • Went through generic public education. Roughly equivalent to US education through grade 12.
  • Higher education medical school while interning at a hospital. Specialization in in skeletal and muscular systems though general knowledge in other areas covered.
  • Meditation Training
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Medical Prowess
    Relo has studied medicine in school. His primary areas are the skeletal system and muscular system. His goal is chiropractic medicine. From interning he has first hand experience with injuries though that was always under a watchful eye.
    Has also basic medical training including first aid, scale removal, some pharmaceutical. From hospital interning he's no stranger to using needles (and getting them under scales) or taking down and reading documentation.

    *Note* Only has experience and knowledge with the Velo and a few other creatures on Veri. Can learn about other species given resources and time.
  • - Child Care
    Use to having to feed and look out for younger siblings when parents were not around. Done a few hatching sitting jobs in school.
  • - Flight
    Can fly using his wings. He can fly up to 20,000 feet and up to 45 mph in level flight. Primarily a glider, using updrafts to gain altitude. Though capable of doing so through wingbeats.
    Using updrafts can stay airborne for hours.
  • - Meditation
    A learned task of mental focus. Serves well for relaxing, and focusing.
  • - Sketching
    Respectable sketching skills. Not high art, primarily make diagrams to help explain situations
  • - Electronics
    Not a programmer or hacker. Casual user who can navigate basic operating systems and programs. At home with other modern (equivalent 2005 earth era) electronics. [Note: Electronics from his world are setup differently than on earth, built for Velo body structure. Will be slow and inefficient on human oriented interfaces]
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • Martial Arts training

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Vire is a harsh world, roughly earth sized. It is the sole planet of a binary star system. Celin is a yellow orange star much like Earth's sun. Cerio is a larger red star. Unlike most binary stars, these two orbit each other at great distance, several AU from each other. Veri sits right between the two where the gravimetric forces balance. Veri thus experiences constant daytime, with one star up in the sky or both on the horizons. It has a heavy iron core, producing a powerful magnetosphere, shielding the planet from the dual solar radiation. More gets to the surface than on earth, forcing life there to adapt to it as it evolved. Most surface dwelling lifeforms have a natural armor to help protect against the radiation. While there are bodies of surface water and oceans, the majority of the water on the planet is in its vast underground cave system, formed from the stresses on the planet. Most life exists under the surface, though there is no shortage of surface dwellers. Waxy plant life flourishes, especially in the cooler upper latitudes. The atmosphere is drier and thinner then earth's, resulting in a tanish sky. The planet spins about once every 25 hours and is titled, the ratio of yellow sun to red sun varying across the "year" as the two stars orbit each other around it.

Character Background:
(Times are listed in earth times for your convenience)
Relo hatched first of his two clutch mates, first child to Magro and Disca. His sister and brother hatched shortly after. His father Magro was a teacher, his mother Disca a hydro processing engineer. His early time was spent in the Malskero shelter, protected from the harsh environment of his world.

Early on Relo was taught by his parents how to survive their harsh world. Taking shelter and shade from the twin suns where possible, and especially take shelter during sandstorms. And above all do not waste water, as it is a precious resource. When the rains hit it must be collected and preserved, despite the benefits of modern society like water drilling.

When Relo was six he started public schooling. He did okay, nothing spectacular. His scholarly life was marked by his attempting various sports, and failing in them. It wasn't until he was ten that he started taking an interest and learning meditation to help focus. This helped him improve his coordination, though by this point sports had fallen out of his realm of interest.

When he was eight his wings finally developed enough to start bearing his weight and he began taking flight lessons. A combination of professional in school learning, parental tutoring, and self experimentation came as he fully mastered his aerial maneuvering over the next four years as his wings reached full relative size.

His mother laid a second batch of eggs when he was 15. He helped his parents to raise his two new sisters, providing valuable lessons in caring for others. This cumulated next year when his mother was hospitalized from an injury at work. Relo spent whatever time he wasn't in school or caring for his sisters with his mother in the medical facility. He overheard and saw many things, this coupled with caring for his sisters developed an interest in medicine.

He began his equivalent of high school the next year, heavy in medicine and biology. Through this he came to understand more on how the body works, and the sort of damage his mother's injury had caused, as she was no longer able to fly. He applied himself to studying several branches of medicine. He made an attempt at herbology, but failed spectacular. The skeletal and muscular systems are his primary forefront, and his deepest areas of study.

While in high school he continued his martial arts training. Never in league for a professional but as a guide for focusing body and mind. Harnessing the primeval instincts he poses as tools, not letting their nature control him. He uses this and his meditation to help focus his mind in times of stress.

After graduating from public school he moved away from his close knit family, both to see the more of the world and further his medical knowledge. He began an internship at a hospital and started going to medical school, taking courses seriously. However he came to be lonely without his family's company so purchased a small pet. A small hamster like critter he calls Haneleso. Haneleso has kept him company over the years as he completed his education.

Immediately after his graduation he found himself unwillingly traveling to another dimension. There he had quite the shock to the system, meeting nonvilo people. One of them was Kelly, who he eventually fell in love with. He eventually took his oath of commitment with her, his people's version of marriage.

Then on a trip he and Kelly, died, drowned while stuck in a cave. They reincarnated on Nomania, a world outside the multiverse itself, making it his second world change. The black breach changed them. Kelly became a Vilo. Relo's insulation had thickened. The two took their blessed second chance of to have a life together. When time came they started to raise a family, but before the eggs could hatch a breach pulled him, Kelly, and their clutch to Infinitas.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:
  • Chiropractor
  • Heavy Lifter
Character Relations:

Extra Information
- Species Information
- Sleepless
  • Biology does not require a period of unconsciousness. Instead enters a trance like state for several hours every few days. This is his equivalent to sleep, he remains conscious but only half aware of his surroundings, and not moving.

- Scales
  • Scales covering body are thick thermal insulators. They consist of a hard but not inflexible outershell with a fatty inside. Tough as leather. Has poor feeling and temperature recognition. Wing membranes have a thin flexible scale coating. These are thinner on the hands, reducing protection and insulation but increasing flexibility.

- Poor Night Vision
  • Evolving on a planet of continuous daylight, Relo's ability to see in the dark is subpar to humans.

- Dual Locomotion
  • Body proportions permit both bipedal and quadrupedal motion, though primary setup for bipedal.

- Disease Resistance
  • Have a strong immune system to protect them when feeding on decaying corpses.

- Eye Protection
  • Eyes do not close. They are instead covered with a layer of transparent scales. As a result they do not blink or cry.

- Large Lung Capacity
  • Aid for oxygen both in the thinner atmosphere and in flight. when not doing strenuous activity can hold his breath for three minutes.

- Cranial Plating And Cushioning
  • Relatively large top of head to protect brain from concussions caused by butting heads and locking horns. This is not as effective as it once was centuries past as modern society has little need for this method of dispute resolution. Now the top of the skull is about double human skull thickness. This is akin to earth sheep and rams that smash heads together.

- Heavy Wind Vulnerability
  • Due to both large size and large wings, powerful winds can be a problem as the wind has plenty of surface area to grab, even when the wings are folded.

- Magnetosensitivity
  • A powerful internal compass helps them keep their orientation.

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