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Full Name: Dana Milu
Species: Kizlu
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Player: Adreos

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 5' 2" 125lbs
  • Apparent Age: 26
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Varies
  • Voice: Soft
  • Usual Scent: Wolfish

Full Description
Bipedal grey wolf with snow white fur and blue eyes.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Lacroose (Written)
- Vocational History
  • Painter
- Education History
  • Public schooling until age 6. Private tutoring from that point on the ship, alone or with other children aboard.
  • Shadow mage tutoring from age 6 to 15.
  • Much self study in both areas as well.
- Noncombat Skills
  • Painting

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Dana hails originally from a galaxy, not a world. She is from a space-faring inter-species society and has traveled to many different worlds and cultures.

Character Background:
(Times frames mentioned are converted to Earth times for your convenience)
Dana's father, Charles Milu, was an officer in the Guild, a galactic government organization. He served on the space freighter G.S.S. Echen as an operations officer. Dana's mother, Nesca Cai, was a doctor, serving as a citizen assistant in the ship's medical bay during the trip. Dana was born in the medical bay of the Echen while it was in route to Rizne. When the ship arrived Charles transferred to a planet side position.

Rizne was a desert planet. As such Dana got use to living in the harsh conditions while she was young.

When Dana was three traces of her shadow affiliation first appeared. It started as her bending the shadows of her hair over her eyes, which acted as sunglasses. It was an involuntary response to the harsh sun on Rizen with her actual sunglasses broken.

While Dana was four her father was reassigned to a Guild base on the planet Kliiew, light years away. The family's moving trip took two weeks. While on the trip, and later while living in Kliiew Dana received her first training in shadow arts. Dana was taught how to willingly use magic, along with the dangers of using it.

Kliiew was a very different for for Dana then Rizne, being a relatively large world with higher gravity and a more tropical ecosystem. The gravity was a problem at first, though with time and exercise she adapted, though she learned to be cautious as falls or dropping stuff could result in more damage then she was use to.

When Dana was five, nearly six her father was transferred again, this time he was being moved to a starship. Charles Milu was appointed the first officer of the light cruiser G.S.S. Besimi. Charles decided not to drag his family along again, giving his daughter the chance to settle down. It was part of being in the Guild for him. Dana and her mother were left behind on Kliiew. Dana continued her schooling and tutoring while her mother continued working in one of the guild's hospitals.

When Dana was seven a local group of resistance to the Guild attacked the hospital where Dana's mother worked at. They timed the attack while a bunch of Guild officials were there, and Dana was as well. A bomb was planted in the building, and detonated. Several people were killed and injured. Dana's mother was among those killed. Dana herself was injured and trapped under debris. Her right hand along with other parts of her body were damaged and had to be replaced by cybernetics. The guild's technology does make her cybernetics mostly seamless with her skin, aside from scars at the joints between it and flesh, though she is unable to feel anything where the prosthesis is.

In the end Dana had to have her right hand, several ribs, her entire right leg, and part of her jaw replaced with the cybernetic prosthesis. The surgery to install them took several hours, the rehabilitation several months. Her father was shuttled back to Kliiew from his ship as quick as he could for his wife's funeral and his daughter's support. With no family left on Kliiew Dana was taken back to the Besimi with her father.

While on the Besimi Dana learned of Shadow Artistry, a type of Shadow Magic using arcane markings made with shadows themselves to create varied effects. She found out about it from another shadow mage on the Besimi by the name of Muren who agreed to tutor her in its art. It has become her primary arcane study, with her having several arrays memorized, and an understanding of how they work.

The next six years of Dana's life were spent on the Besimi, until she was 13. While she grew up she kept having to undergo surgery to replace the now too small prosthesis. She got to go to many different worlds due to the Besimi's mission of exploration. Her father became captain upon the previous captain's retirement, when this happened Dana choose to remain on the ship under Muren's tutelage. She finished her overall schooling and was fully grown by the time she was 12.

When Dana was 13 the now 80 year old GSS Besimi was decommissioned, and she moved to the closest planet when this happened, which was Corine, the central control world of the Guild. There Dana got a job as an artist, something she had been gaining considerable skill in with her Shadow Artistry practice.

While working on a painting she fell into another hub world, learning of the multiverse. She made friends there, for the first time in her life long lasting friends. During her stay she also found love, was betrayed, only to love again. She had many encounters, prominatly being turned into a dog for a time.

Eventually she met Damon there, only to have him die and resurrected in a cursed state. To free him from this she and others offered limbs up. The payment was taken and her remaining arm lost. She and Damon returned to the guild to have all her cybernetics regrown, but alas, the surgery did not go well and left Dana a cripple and her aura damaged and unusable. She reluctantly gave up that world, Damon staying at her side.

Then while she and Damon were out a red breach formed under them, sucking them to Infinitas, a world outside the multiverse itself. The red breach mutated them into young wolf pups. Dana's new body was at least not crippled. She and Damon started growing rapidly, gaining the ability to talk. And then on full moons they started changing, to be more human like. A reverse werewolf. After several moons, they learned to take control of it and can shift at will, though they are forced to wolf on the new moon.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:
  • Various
Character Relations:

Extra Information
- Aura
Aura is an energy in a living being, binding the corporal, physical body and the ethereal, intangible soul together. Its physical nature allows it to interact with the world around it, and its ethereal nature allows to supersede the normal laws of physics. Those able to tap in and mentally harness their own aura's energy are able to to perform magic, the act of bending the laws of physics. Those able to use magic are known as mages.

The amount of magic an aura user is able to perform is related to the amount of energy in their aura and the degree they are trying to go against normal physics. Ex: Changing water to something it naturally can be, like ice, takes less energy then to transform the water into something it cannot be, like lava.

Aura receives its energy directly from the body. The more energy is depleted from aura use, the more energy it will have to draw from the body to replenish itself. Normally the rate aura draws energy is equal to the energy expenditure needed to keep the soul and body bound together. External use of the aura, such as through magic, depletes its energy faster. While it will recover, drawing up to double its normal rate through the body, aura users have to be cautious. If too much energy is drawn it will weaken the bond an aura creates resulting in dizziness, nausea, loss of coordination, lapses in consciousness, and/or a temporary coma. If the aura's energy drops below the amount required to maintain the bond, body and spirit will separate, resulting in immediate death.

The total amount of energy and aura has varies from individual to individual, as does the energy required to bond spirit and body. It is based on an individual's species, some have more robust aura than others, the natural stamina of the individual, and the amount of tempering it has received. Aura tempering is the use of an aura through magic, thus causing it to strengthen and build up a larger store of energy. Early on aura users have to use extreme caution in how much they temper their auras, as there usually is not munch energy to practice with. As an aura becomes more tempered however it has a greater reserve of energy to pull from. Typical aura users start tempering once they begin training. Those with initial auras just large enough to maintain their bond do not have the energy reserves required to being tempering, thus cannot utilize their aura. Additionally as an aura becomes tempered it becomes more difficult to temper it further, until it reaches its natural limit at that time. As an individual ages the upper limit may slowly expand.

In addition to its energy level, an aura also has a color. This is set from birth and cannot be altered. And aura's color determines the manner in which it is able to manipulate reality. A red aura for example can manipulate the generation of heat while a yellow one can manipulate electricity. Multiple colors are possible, with the dominant being the color in majority. Colorless aura also exist, being the vast majority of auras. Colorless auras are unable to tap into elements and thus are restricted to basic colorless magic.

In magic, aura is focused through spells to channel it from a chaotic state to a focused one. The primary focusing agent is the will power of the user, the stronger the will the less energy is wasted. A mage's will directs the flow of aura energy, focusing into the place and shape necessary to cause the desired effect. Normal mages are taught the spells to create effect, although those with a greater understanding of the underlying flow of aura energy are able to manipulate it freely to derive new spells.

Aura Energy Spell Requires To Cast = Spell Intensity + Range + Duration.
Aura Energy Spell Requires To Maintain = Time * (Intensity + Range)

Most spells draw their energy as their cast is complete. This puts danger in that the energy required may be too great for the aura to handle. If this is within the remaining energy of the aura, the energy will be taken in one sitting, instantly resulting in whatever the energy loss would provoke. If the required energy exceeds the remaining aura energy, the spell will fail to activate and the user's aura energy will drain to zero, resulting in instant death.

Other spells required a continuous flow of energy. This may be shut off from the user at anytime. The effects of the energy drain will happen as it is going out. This type of energy drain usually cannot kill directly, the user passing out before that point is reached.

Dana's aura is one color, black.
- Species Information
- Kizlu

The Kizlu are a race created by the wolf goddes Kalieta. They are natural shifters, between a wolf form and an alternate form, usually human. Kalieta made them as she cannot leave her realm. They take on the form of wolves as Kalieta was one herself before her rise to godhood. They take on human form to interact easily with human societies for Kalieta. Kizlu can power their shifting thorough Kalieta's energy or through lunar energy if they are away from her for too long.

Lunar Energy is affected by the moon phase. A new moon is impure, and cannot be used for shifting. A full moon is superpure, forcing changes.

- Fornian
Fornian's were artificially created two hundred years ago on Corine as an experiment. The Guild was attempting to create super humans to improve their own future by making a better race.

Hundreds of thousands of unborn children were modified genetically. They were born and grew up with Fornian DNA but with normal human bodies. Classified as the F1 Generation they were forced to have children only with other members of the F1 generation.

The next generation were the first true Fornian. Their bodies were radically different from their parents. Pointed ears and all the other modifications had taken hold. Two unforeseen side effects however were present. They were physically weaker than a human and they aged faster, thus they had shorter lifespans.

The advantages of the Fornians have over humans manifested itself in the first true Fornians. Compared to humans, Fornians has advanced minds, allowing them to absorb knowledge quickly and think faster. They also have strong aura, or life forces, granting them better use of magic.

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